A New Beginning

The inaugural release of what my Kenney Jam 2018 probably should have looked like. The game is by no means complete, but it is now up to the level of "a game" and not just a UFO joyride. The original idea was something like Midway's Defender: Fly around and save people on the ground from something. This time, you're supposed to be saving aliens from the (medieval) humans.

This initial (new) version has added a number of things:

  • Sounds - No more silent floating over silent aliens
  • UFO Beam - Fire Button (Ctrl on Keyboards) enables the beam to pick up wandering aliens.  Release to let them go again.
  • Sight-seeing Alien Tourists do more than wander around:
    • They stop wandering and wait when the player is nearby, overhead.
    • When dropped near a UFO of the same color, they will walk towards it and climb in. You get points and time added as the UFO flies away.
    • They make cute chirping noises.
  • When time runs out, or if you get all the aliens to their UFOs, the game goes to an end screen showing your score, and the current high score. [High score doesn't get saved, at the moment]

After some fixes (like Moonwalking aliens) I'll start working on adding an enemy of some sort, as you're meant to be "saving" the aliens from something besides "time out". The ground areas may be too crowded for my original "villagers with pitchforks" idea, so I may need to expand the ground level, or go with airborne enemies like crows.


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Addendum: All graphics (per original Kenney Jam rules) and sound effects in the game are supplied by Kenney